Medical Care

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Law

The Kentucky Workers' Compensation Law (KRS Chapter 342) states that an employee who sustains a work-related injury or disease is entitled to immediate and continuing medical treatment at the expense of the employer. Treatment may include medical, surgical and hospital treatment, and prescribed items such as drugs, braces, prostheses, and wheelchairs.

Designated Physician

The employee may choose the physician who treats him/her as the Designated Physician. The designated physician is responsible for the coordination of the employee's medical care and may refer the patient to consulting or treating physicians as required. The employee may not change his/her designated physician more than once without the medical payment obligor's (ClearPath Mutual's) consent.

Medical Bills

If you receive any medical bills, please forward them to ClearPath Mutual for payment. Please keep in mind that the medical provider is required to accept a fee in accordance with the Kentucky Medical Fee Schedule, the Kentucky Hospital Fee Schedule, or the Kentucky Prescription Fee Schedule and is not allowed to bill the injured worker or the employer for the difference.


Most pharmacies will bill ClearPath Mutual directly for drugs prescribed by the authorized physician. If the employee pays for a prescription, verify that the prescription is billed per the Kentucky Prescription Fee Schedule and then send the receipt to ClearPath Mutual for reimbursement.